Actor, artist, writer, makeup artist and fashion designer, HANA MAE LEE brings you HANAMAHN. Launched in 2008 HANAMAHN, aka "just one" in Korean, houses one of a kind apparel and jewelry. HANAMAHN jackets are all about shapes and are cut with leather hide edges exposed to create a singular piece of work. The rings are wire-wrapped by hand using sterling silver and 14k gold. Weaving through them are gemstones, corals, specialty items, creating a one-off piece for each client. HANAMAHN rings are conversation pieces. "The rings, I like to say are like pieces of beautiful chaos wrapped onto a finger. Like twelve conversations happening all at the same time, hugging your finger. This dialogue, this ensemble, are in your hands. You carry it with you. You hold it with you." 

HANAMAHN hand knitted/macramé wool vests made their silver screen debut and can be seen on the posters of Pitch Perfect  worn by Hana Mae Lee. Hana Mae Lee chats it up with Craig Ferguson on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson wearing HANAMAHN rings. HANAMAHN's 24k gold "pearl" necklace debuts on Californication season 7 episode 10. Hana Mae Lee is seen on Celebrity Name Game with HANAMAHN's ONYX leather jacket. HANAMAHN credits also include: MTV Awards, The Voice, KTLA, Entertainment Tonight, Teen Vogue, Los Angeles Times Magazine, SOMA Magazine, Nylon and more. Today, HANAMAHN is worn by collectors, business creatives, musicians and actors.